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Thursday, 24 June 2010

On Your Marks, Get Set, Grow...

The folks have come to stay, and to be honest, I think the reason they made the journey in the first place, (besides coming to see their gorgeous granddaughter) is because they needed to see proof of my newly acclaimed, green fingers.  See, they know me far too well, and even though they've been following the blog avidly, they still couldn't believe that I was even remotely capable of growing anything. It seems they needed proof...and they needed to see it with their own eyes!

Nicole took great pleasure in leading them by the hand, to show them what she'd been helping mummy with. In all fairness, anything she seems to touch, flourishes.  It's like she has the gift!
Anyway, they admitted that they were more than a little impressed with the whole thing. Even more so when I picked some fresh rocket salad to have with our barbecue. It was quite a moment for me.  It's the first thing I've grown that I've actually eaten...and it tasted amazing!

With all this home grown veggie stuff in mind, Nana and Poppops, (as they are known to Nicole) produced yet another prezzie for her. Her very own sunflower racing kit!  With her being something of a professional at this gardening business, she was more than happy to take the challenge.
Three pots. One for her, one for Nana and one for Pops. Three sunflower seeds, a tape measure and a wall chart. What more could you want? She obviously chose the biggest seed, hoping that it would become the biggest sunflower!  Now, all that's left to do is keep watering and measuring. She promised that she'll water all three, but I get the feeling that once my parents' leave, she'll happily neglect the other two so that hers grows bigger!

By the way, I'm thinking of taking out shares in our local garden centre. Either that or they should maybe start charging me rent. After all, I do seem to spend so much time there. Talking of which, another trip is on the cards this afternoon. I'm hoping to get my dad to construct some kind of protective frame for me.  Surely that's what dad's are for?
Oh, by the way, quick update on the scarecrow front.  He is now officially called Kyle! Nicole's choice. Nothing to do with mummy wanting to name him after Jeremy! x

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